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Mya trained at the well-known Catherine Hinds Institute in Boston and performed various cosmeceutical treatments with renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and med spas.


In 2011, Mya ventured out on her own to peruse a business in the world of skincare.

She has seen and worked with a wide range of skin types and conditions and loves the challenge of each individual client. "I try to really listen to people on a personal level, which you don't always see at the bigger, trendier spas," explains Mya. "I have all types of clients, from the CEO of a large corporation to the local university student. I care about helping each and every one of them get the results that they are looking to achieve." She often refers to her clientele as, "professional friends."


Mya is constantly learning new techniques, trying new products, and researching the latest cutting-edge concepts in skincare. Her approach is one that balances science, common sense, and lifestyle; Mya's medical skincare knowledge and her background as a makeup artist helps to affirm her choices and philosophy towards skincare. She also spends almost the entirety of each appointment with her clients and ensures that appointments have plenty of buffer time in between.


Mya is a true believer in teaching clients how to care for their skin daily. She says,"There is no Jedi mind trick to the philosophy of good, healthy, skin. Develop habits that foster optimum function of all the organisms within the skin to achieve a more beautiful you."

She is licensed in 5 states, has been an esthetics instructor, and an educator for well-known skin care product lines.



"I want my clients to feel good about themselves and their skin"

Mya Campbell, LME

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